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High quality service and honesty are our core strengths, based on the solid foundation of our advanced technical, translation, and managerial skills.

Proudly serving the intellectual property needs of a number of major corporations.

Appraisal and Investigation


  • Prior art investigation

    (from technology development to invalidation judgments)

  • Patent, design, and trademark investigation
  • Expert opinion on effectiveness and infringement of intellectual properties

Patent Prosecution

From domestic and international application to granting of rights

  • Patents
  • Utility models
  • Designs
  • Trademarks



  • Patent, design, and trademark infringement litigation
  • Patent, design, and trademark opposition and revocation actions

Supporting intellectual property protection through skill and experience

Top-Quality International
Patent Application
and Prosecution

  • Skilled in-house translators including native speakers of English
  • Close collaboration between translators and technical experts
  • Translation review meetings to ensure high quality

Patent Application and Prosecution

  • Group structure that promotes accuracy and efficiency
  • Technical experts with specialized knowledge and experience
  • Technical review meetings to ensure high quality
  • In-house circulation of documents to raise technical skills
  • Strategic review meetings with clients
  • Regular training of patent attorneys through U.S. and European firms


  • Shared in-house information for meticulous deadline management
  • In-house information system for accurate and exact office management

System for Ensuring Top-Quality Service

This system represents basic workflows established by our company. We can of course respond flexibly to any request to prioritize delivery date.